Army partnership

BHP and Department of Defence Partnership

ADF Partners Employment program

BHP & Australian Department of Defence pilot partnership

BHP has entered into a strategic partnership between BHP Australia and the Australian Department of Defence with the Australian Army as the lead agency. Beginning as a pilot project in December 2019, the purpose of the partnership is to advance Australia’s national interest, collaborate and increase the value of each organisations human capability. 

Our organisations are working together in 3 streams: 

  • Education and Training: share knowledge and experience on training and educating workforce, including systems and delivery.
  • Technology: collaborate on automation and electrification.
  • Workforce: establish the conditions for partners to share workforce, have ongoing secondments, short-term exchanges and support initiatives associated with recruitment and inclusion.

Australian Defence Force Partners Employment Program

BHP is keen assist partners of serving members with employment opportunities supporting our Australian areas of operations. BHP acknowledges the challenges that active service has on partners of serving members in maintaining their careers and finding employment. The Australian Defence Force Partners Employment program aims to assist with  employment opportunities in the following areas of Australian operations. 

ADF partnership

Selection for roles will be through a merit based process. Please follow the following link to express your interest in the opportunity.